4 course choice menu

The Parkrestaurant offers a choice of traditional preparations.
We do not claim to be a "gastronomic" restaurant but a restaurant true, to the basics of cooking.

79.90€ per pers. drinks inclusive ( see detail* )

84.90€ per pers. drinks inclusive ( from January 1st 2022 )


*Barcelona Edition Pinot Noir Rosado ( sparkling Brut or Royal )
Adapted wines with starter and main dish
( Young, easy and fruity wines , Pays d´Oc / Gascogne style wines )
( or pairing Beers 3 x 33 cl )
Coffee or Tea
( Non alcoholic All inclusive version available at same price )
The All-inclusive menu, is served PER ENTIRE TABLE ONLY and can not be shared.
Small Appetizer from the Chef, served with your Aperitif
Rolls and Butter
Crispy Mushroom and  Spinach Pie in a garlic Creamsauce ( Vegetarian )

Old fashioned Cheese Gratin filled with 2 Brittany Scallops

Deepfried Beignets of Northsea Shrimps with Aioli sauce ( a.k.a Shrimp Croquettes )

Paté from Strasbourg with Figues Marmelade and Brioche ( +5€ )
  1. Carrotsoup with a dash of Tomato and Cream
Baked Salmon, grilled Potatoe mash, Sauce Dugléré


Baby Dover Sole in Buttersauce, Tomatoes, mashed Potatoes Gratin, Lemon

Filet of young Turbot, Leak, White wine Sauce, mashed Potatoes Gratin

Beeffilet in Red wine Sauce, Vegetables, Cauliflower cream and Gratin Dauphinois


Ravioli with Ricotta and seasonal Vegetables in a light Cream Sauce ( Vegetarian )
Chocolat Mousse
Créme Brûlée
Chilled Nougat Icecream with Raspberry coulis
Creamy Ice cream Parfait with Grand Marnier liquor
Assortment of 3 Cheeses with nuts, Apple and Pear syrup and Bruges Crackers
Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Icecream and flamed with Calvados ( + 5 euro )